Mindfulness simply means paying attention to the moment. By bringing our awareness to the present moment and experiencing it without judgment or expectation, we are able to experience life in a whole new way.

The human mind processes over 50,000 thoughts in a single day. Mindfulness gives us an opportunity to notice these thoughts, acknowledge their presence and let them go.  When we observe a thought, we have established that we are the observer and that it is a thought.  When we have this perspective,  we can then see the difference between having a thought and being a thought.  One is all consuming while the other is a temporary experience.

By practicing being present, you'll begin to notice the unhelpful thoughts that make their way into your life. You'll learn to let things move through you instead of pushing them away. You'll be able to connect with your true, authentic self and offer love and kindness from a place of peace.  In short, it will change your life.

This site offers simple mindful tips in hopes of sharing different ways that you can practice mindfulness and self-compassion.  

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